It’s the end! The end, I tell you!

So now that the end of semester is in view, I’ve decided to sit back and reflect.

  • This semester, I have not failed anything (yet) so that’s better than last year.
  • I have had a mild breakdown.
  • I have decided that I actually can’t stand late nights.
  • I love Daryl.
  • One can usually tell how annoying a doctor is going to be by how annoying their patients are.
  • There is really nothing like a warm bed and warm arms to snuggle into.
  • God is good, even though it’s difficult to feel Him at times.
  • I need to start singing again.

Overall though, I think this semester has been a time of growth. Until my breakdown, when I backtracked about five years. Now I feel like a 15 year old again. Not cool.

Anyway. Enough rambling. Here’s a haiku to reward you for reading this far.

Like a river breathes life
but can be hard to live by
The Bible is good



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