Live light in 25 words

@5 Words of the Bible promo

I just committed to reading at least 25 words from the Bible every day for 31 days. I’m going to kick start a daily habit unlike any other. Check out Bible Society Australia’s new campaign – Live light in 25 words – and join in too.

You can read along with me, General David Hurley, Chief of the Australian Defence Force; Kate Bracks, Winner of Masterchef 2011; Elka Whalan, Olympic Swimmer; Nathan Campbell of St Eutychus, and Rory Shiner of St Matthew’s Unichurch in Perth. Rory spoke at NTE last year. I learnt a lot from him.

I’m using this reading guide, which is just the generic one, but it has some great questions and better passages to consider. I’ll try to post every day, reflecting on what I’ve read (starting tomorrow) so that you can see what I’m reading/thinking, and read along with me.

I’m excited. Let me know if you’re coming along for the ride!


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