When bad examples prevail…

…one must be sure to portray the opposite.

Nathan Campbell posted this yesterday evening:

This must surely be a joke. I’m assuming it is. The alternative is just too bizarre to fathom. There are much better arguments against gay marriage than this… This is from, allegedly, a 14 year old New Zealander.

Via the Twitters, @Leigh_howard

I disagree with Nathan’s conclusion, that this is an example of why people shouldn’t home educate. I know lots of schoolies who can make argument as stupid – or stupider! – as this one. I think that one needs to look at her age, too – she’s only 14! Goodness knows I made stupider arguments as a 14 year old. I was just as ignorant. It’s a example of youth.

I do know that her ignorance is influence by her parents. But as someone who was home educated (in fact I have never done any kind of formal schooling) I can tell you that not all of us are like that!

Now I’m rambling, and I know I haven’t made an excellent argument. Maybe I will later. But the new episode of Ben 10 is on. I’m gonna watch it. Then maybe I’ll finish reading The Casual Vacancy.


Edit: I feel I should clarify. I’m not offended at all. I just was in the mood to blog and so I did. 🙂 Also, the homeschooling comment Nathan made was in the title of the post. I’ll put it here tomorrow so you can see it.


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