She has the most beautiful voice. I think that she’s one of the few popular artists around at the moment who are actually singing to match their voice. So many just don’t.

This is my favourite song of hers (edit: yes, I know she covered it from Bon Iver) at the moment:

I especially love the beginning.

Bella Ferraro covered it for her audition on X-Factor. I think that remains my favourite version of all.


I really really really hate how X-Factor and similar singing shows take people with AMAZING voices and completely change them. Bella Ferraro is one of these. She has an exquisite voice. She was, I believe, made to sing alternative, or folk, or indie. Not pop, not rock. I liken her voice to Dido, Brooke Fraser, Bethany Dillon. Beautiful singers. STAY ON GENRE, PEOPLE.


Anyway. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog tonight before I got to bed. My day was very full and interesting, and I am filled with admiration and love for God. I cannot wait to see how He has planned for me to spent my next few years.



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