Golly it’s quiet in here…

Sorry about the radio silence, peoples.

I’ve been busy with a few things, like sorting out various mental health stuff, and thinking over the politics posts I’ve been doing (I will do the last one soon, I promise), and (best of all) coming with my dearly beloved husband to New Zealand. He was here with his PHD stuff, which meant that I got an almost all-expenses-paid holiday. Awesome stuff.

Anyway. We go back to sunny (or not so sunny…) Brisbane on Monday 26 November, and you may see stuff from me on Tuesday 27. Assuming the plane doesn’t crash. Lol. No really. Pray for a safe flight 🙂

Here’s some funny baby pictures I’ve picked up around the web, as a peace offering to you, my lovely readers 🙂


God bless you all.


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