Are we over-complicating the Bible?

Mark Lauterbach writes:

First, are we making the Scriptures harder to understand than they are?

The writers of the NT were pastors of churches. They were neck deep in real life with real people. They said what they said as simply as they said it to people just like us. They do not need my help to explain what they really meant.

The God who inspired the authors of Scripture to write the very words he intended, knew exactly what he was doing when he put indicatives AND imperatives in Scripture, when he used words like “fight,” and “strive,” and “put to death” in the New Testament. He knew what “therefore” meant too.

When I read how Scripture is being manhandled, how it is being forced into a system of theology, I think we are dishonoring the God of Scripture. Manhandled? Yes! Strive does not mean strive, “add to” does not mean “add to”, labor is really rest, put to death is really faith?

It’s an interesting read.


2 thoughts on “Are we over-complicating the Bible?

  1. God’s Word isn’t necessarily hard to understand, but we need the Holy Spirit to help us get the most out of it. His Word is complete and doesn’t need our additions nor do we need to neglect any of it. His Word is a living word, but it is hard to be living if we never open it.

    • gabbykempthorne says:

      I absolutely agree, Shelly. It is a privilege that we as God’s faithful people have the Holy Spirit living in our hearts. Without Him helping us we wouldn’t be able to understand it at all. Praise God!

      Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

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