Tragedy of politics

So I’ve been watching the West Wing a lot lately. It’s a US presidential political drama that ran for eight seasons until 2006. I really love it. It’s a real thinking person’s show in that it requires you to, you know, think, while you’re watching it.

Anyway. I watched an episode that was dealing with the changing of a foreign aid bill, which would deliver much needed funds to a fictional third world country that was in the midst of a civil war. Unfortunately, an ultra right-wing (Republican) congresswoman (I think a congresswoman, she might have been a senator) attached an amendment to the bill stating that doctors were not able to counsel a woman to have an abortion, while trying to help her. Now, President Bartlett, who proposed the bill, was willing to go forward with approving it, even though he was a staunch Pro-Choice Democrat, just to get the help out. His wife, Dr Abbey Bartlett, on the other hand, decided that it was all freedom or no help at all, and did all she could to block the bill.

Anyone who has talked to me for about 5 seconds will know that I am avidly pro-life. Anti-abortion. Whatever you want to call me. I do not (let me repeat, I DO NOT) support the illegalisation of abortion, but I am an advocate for better education of women who go through crisis pregnancies. Add that to the fact that I think that the world governments need to do 100% more to help out those in need, and you’ll understand my disgust at Abbey’s attempts to block the bill. Even though her own husband proposed it and was trying to pass it.

I have written about how disgusting the practice of abortion is before, but I’ve never really stated my own personal reasons for holding that opinion. My ethical reasons, at any rate. That, however, is a post for tomorrow/another day, as it is too late now. I’m going to set this article by Nathan Campbell at St Eutychus as a prerequisite to reading my post, however, he kind of mirrors exactly my thinking. A quote:

The other compelling Christian factor in this argument is that the gospel brings a message of wantedness not just to the discarded or “unwanted” child, but to the mother as well. We value people because Jesus valued us. And because God not only implanted his image in humanity, but calls humans to be his people. We’re adopted into his family. We are wanted by God. That’s the essence of a Biblical anthropology, and its a reality which is heightened for the Christian. Which gives us a precedent to follow, and provides a mandate for us to love and seek the unwanted. This, I think, is the most compelling anthropology going round, and it makes sense of life from conception to death. It only really competes with the view put forward by these ethicists – because they’re right. This is the natural outcome of viewing humanity as a fleshy sack of bones and organs. Only these two options have any sense of cohesion.

So yes. Read it, people. And I’ll see you tomorrow.


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