Stuff to look at Sepember 2012 to May 2013 – part 1

So if you’re my friend on Facebook you’ll know that I post stacks and stacks of links. These are blogs posts, videos I find interesting, news stories, funny pictures… really, anything. But links frequently get lost in the maelstrom that is the Facebook news feed, so I’m going to put all of my posts from the last – well, however long I want, in this blog post. Which will just be another link I post on Facebook (lol, the irony!). This is the first of these posts. I’m not sure how many there will be.

There are stacks of links in this post. For your sanity, I’ve divided them into categories of Blog Posts, Videos, News and Other, and sub-categories of Christian and Secular. I may break it into topics, also.

Blog Posts


Christian Living

  • The balancing act. “One of the biggest struggles for many Christians is balancing the demands of work, family and ministry. It can seem impossible to balance the pressures of all three. The common and tempting solution is to simply neglect, or at least accept mediocrity, in one or even two of these areas of our lives.”
  • A conversation about the law between Kevin DeYoung and the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  • Desecration and Titillation. Are you willing to go to hell for the sin you love?
  • Forgive Us These Faults: Tim Keller talks about sins we excuse.
  • How do I respond with grace and truth if I’m invited to a gay wedding? Randy Alcorn says “Of course we’re to speak the truth in love and share grace with people. But I do think there is a time to say, ‘You know what? In the name of love, I can’t make the statement that I approve of this by attending.'”
  • How Far Is Too Far? “Everyone has had to ask or answer the question at one time or another: When it comes to the physical component of a dating relationship, how far is too far? Can we hold hands? Can we kiss? Can we do a little bit more than kiss? Should we even explore the physical relationship a little bit to ensure we are compatible?”
  • The not-so-lost art of Pharisee making.
  • Real Purity: “When most of us hear the word purity our minds automatically think of abstinence or virginity, but purity is far greater than the two. A person can be a virgin and still not be pure. A person can be married and never have an affair but still not be pure. On the other hand, a person can be pure even with a sexually promiscuous past. Purity is not just saying no to sex before marriage. Purity is not just saying yes to sex in marriage. Purity is saying yes to godliness.”
  • When we hate what we love.
  • Will I Rejoice In That Day? Thoughts from Tim Challies about the sovereignty of God.
  • “3 Things things I wish I knew before we got married”.
  • 4 Warning Signs You May Be Wandering from the Truth.




  • Jason Collins is Gay, but is Chris Broussard a Bigot?. “[Recently], Jason Collins became the first male athlete in one of the four major male sports to come out as gay. But headlines praising this move were overshadowed by news that ESPN NBA analyst Chris Broussard believes that practicing the homosexual lifestyle is a sin.”



  • The Circle Maker is a current Christian bestseller on prayer. Tim Challies says that there are many, many better books.
  • How to win your city: An exegesis of Daniel.
  • Fred Nile gets my vote (on Q&A at least). Nathan Campbell thought Q&A on 27 May was going to be a trainwreck. “The Christian panellist, Christian Democrat MP from New South Wales, Fred Nile, isn’t exactly presented in the media as being moderate and nuanced. Lawrence Krauss went toe-to-toe with John Dickson – one of Australia’s most impressive Christian thinkers, and while it was a bit of an agree fest, Krauss showed he was capable of being winsome and engaging. And he was back. The rest of the panel were window dressing for this fight – former British Anglican Bishop, the openly gay Gene Robinson was on as something like the middle ground between the two, and there were a couple of Australian pollies – Amanda Vanstone and Susan Ryan.”
  • How to Survive a Cultural Crisis. Mark Dever: “It’s easy to feel like we’ve become the new “moral outlaws,” to use Al Mohler’s phrase. Standing up for historic Christian principles will increasingly get you in trouble socially and maybe economically, perhaps one day also criminally. It’s ironic that Christians are told not to impose their views on others, even as the threat of job loss or other penalties loom over Christians for not toeing the new party line.”
  • Opposing euthanasia, from the Briefing.
  • When You’re in the Crosshairs of Anxiety: “When you’re in the crosshairs of anxiety, get alone with God, read aloud his promises of salvation—which are more certain than the breath that we breathe—and, as you cast your cares upon him, may the peace of Christ be yours.”







  • Count your blessings: a religious America. “In the US, where almost everyone believes in God, you truly see the best and worst of Christianity. But Rodney Stark’s work suggests the impact of this religiosity is overwhelmingly positive, writes Simon Smart.”
  • Will Chris Broussard Become a Martyr of the Media? “You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. An athlete in a major pro sport would come out as gay, declaring himself a Christian as well, and a Christian journalist would be asked for his take on the subject, only to be labeled intolerant and bigoted. How could it be otherwise?”






  • Evangelism
  • Paul Washer




  • Cycle of life
  • Team Rocket



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