When bad examples prevail…

…one must be sure to portray the opposite.

Nathan Campbell posted this yesterday evening:

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This is a story I wrote for a friend’s birthday. It’s nearly six months late, but I hope you like it, AyBenelli!



By Gabrielle Rogers

Copyright 2011

Once upon a time, in a magical faraway land, there lived a decidedly unusual princess.

Alvena couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see past her appearance. Sure, her ears were pointy, but she kept them covered ninety per cent of her day anyway – the only time one could see her ears was when she was bathing. Perhaps it was her oddly luminous skin? Or could it be her eyes, which were the colour of the full moon? She was the only one of her family who looked like this – her brothers and sisters and parents looked completely human. They didn’t think anything of her appearance; she was their sister and daughter, and nothing would change that.

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