The Casual Vacancy

So I’m reading “The Casual Vacancy”, J K Rowling’s new book. Anyone who knows me knows that the Harry Potter series used to be my most favourite books of all time. I was totally and completely obsessed – so much so, in fact, that I would spend up to three hours a day (at least!) reading Harry Potter “fanfiction” or listening to my favourite HP podcast, PotterFicWeekly (PFW). So I was fully expecting to love “The Casual Vacancy”.

Well, I’m three chapters in and to be honest, I’m not totally convinced that I seriously want to finish it.

Let me explain.

I knew going into it that it was going to be more adult than I was used to JKR writing. This is my question, though: Why does adult always mean more sexually explicit? Seriously.

Aside from that (though that is a huge pain in the neck) I really think that it is not well done. It is very confusing how JKR jumps between characters, instead of just sticking to one. Character development is hindered by this, and the story drags on because we are continuously introduced to new people. I am, to be honest, quite bored.

And it’s not because of the politics. I love the West Wing. If anything, I was excited by the prospect of a political drama. But it’s so boring!

I’ll finish the book and report back.

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